The way he makes me feel,
It’s hard to really say
It’s like walking outside,
On a clear sunny day
I feel at peace,
And my mind is free
It’s as if I was once blind,
But now I can see
He has the most genuine soul,
The prettiest blue eyes
Every time I look at him,
I’m on the highest of highs
He’s somehow familiar,
But new in a sense
It’s like a wave crashing into me,
The feeling, so intense
He’s something I didn’t expect,
Something I’m glad happened
My heart now is full,
No longer blackened
I’m grateful of this gift,
The happiness he brings
It’s like the flowers that bloom,
So pretty in spring
His sweet smile is my favorite,
My favorite of them all
I no longer feel numb,
He broke down that wall
My once wounded mind,
It’s starting to heal
I guess you could say,
That’s the way he makes me feel


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