Depression -It’s more than just being sad – Mental Health Awareness

29873F6B-5C24-4B4D-9157-785E3A2E6B0CDepression. It’s more than just being sad. It’s an ongoing cycle of intense sadness, a loss of interest in things you once enjoyed. You feel as though you may never escape it because you don’t know how. It’s a serious mood disorder that should be recognized.


Everyone has experienced some level of this kind of sadness. And most of us recover after some time. And if not recover, we learn to manage it with treatment. Maybe we go to a therapist, maybe we take medication, or maybe the thing that triggered the sadness has finally simmered down.


But then there are those who get to the point of no return. To the point of hurting themselves and others. Sometimes accidental, sometimes intentional. Whatever the case, it’s a cry for help, and that includes the abuse of drugs and alcohol. If these things are not given attention, it could end badly.


Sadly, I’ve seen this happen and that’s why we need to become aware. Because if we become aware, we just might be able to stop it. The people you least expect could be suffering and you don’t even know it. That happy face could very well be a mask.

A lot of the time people with depression say they don’t want to talk, but deep down they have so much going on inside they really do want to get it all out, so give them the opportunity. Communication is so important. We all handle stress differently. You never know what people are capable of.


I found a chart listing the symptoms of depression and anxiety. As you can see, they go hand in hand.

FullSizeRenderI wrote this article because I want to spread awareness. You’re not alone. I’ve been there and I’ve learned that things are never as bad as we think they are. We have to open up, accept who we are, and remember that we always have a choice.

To all of you…

If you are in the dark right now, I promise you, there is light at the end of the tunnel. You are loved. Don’t give up.

♥ Anna

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  1. That is a thoughtful post, Anna. It is like a bog. But I think you have to be your own saviour. I watched my mother suffer for years because she felt betrayed by her son. It is she who pulled herself out of it at the end of the day because you know how people around you somehow get used to a condition and become scared of pushing you. The difficult part is that it changed her physically apart from sapping her mentally but she is back to her former life of practising yoga and going for long walks. Not to mention annoying her daughter 🙂

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  2. Mindfump says:

    So many truths in here. The awareness is valuable, and necessary. Theres no other way.


  3. janahpinku says:

    Thank you for sharing this valuable post.

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