Being Single is Underrated.

img_6826Single, solo, no husband, no kids…You get it. Well that’s me. And probably you because you’re reading this. Or maybe it’s not you at all. Whoever you are, you may still benefit.

I was never really in a rush to get married or have kids. I’m 29, and still single. Some may see that as a bad thing, but really I’m just focusing on me. Shouldn’t that be our number one priority?

I’ve been in love once. And I’ve found that it consumes your life. Your life basically revolves around that person. It’s such an exciting feeling, but then you come to find that you’re losing yourself. You start feeling dependent on that person and rely on them to make you happy. Being this way will only disappoint you.

Many people settle because they think they need to, or their parents want them to. We were raised to think this way. But I think it’s kind of sad that people think relationships are the be-all and end-all of personal happiness. It’s not. At least in my opinion.

My parents divorced when I was young. But they also married before 21. Did they marry too early? Or did they just simply not work out? I’m not too sure of that answer, but I know in this day and age it’s more socially acceptable to be single at my age, thankfully.

So many people stress out on finding someone to share their life with in fear that they will run out of time. They search and search for that person not realizing that they’re searching for someone to: a) fill a void they think they cannot fill, or b) because their biological clock is ticking, “Kids-kids!” Either way, if those are your reasons, then you’re settling for the wrong one’s and will more than likely be disappointed.

I believe that if you take the time to learn about yourself, figure out what inspires you, and see that your own love is enough, you will be content with being alone, and you won’t mind waiting for that one person who compliments your life. Learning to be this way allows you to find a higher quality person. In other words, you gain a longer, stronger lasting love.

I believe there’s someone out there for everyone. Embrace every moment of your single life. There is no rush.

♥ Anna

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  1. That is so true, Anna. We should never put ourselves into a rush to give in to society’s demands. Isn’t this one life we have? My motto ultimately is go with the flow. Cheers.

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  2. Motive is the making or breaking factor in a relationship, Its obvious to ne now. I am only greatful for all the bad relationships that lead me to the ultimate happiness, finding myself:)

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