A Letter to my Teenage Self


Dear Teenage Self,

If only you could see what I see now. I am older, and life has made me wiser.
Those teenage years, yeah, I hate to say it but those are the best suffering years of your life. High School –the prime suffering years. The pressure to fit in and make friends. Yeah, I remember. And being shy doesn’t help…Everything is magnified. Living life under a microscope.

When I look back, I see two people. The one that the world saw, and the private one only I knew. I kept to myself for fear of rejection. I remember feelings of worry,…sadness, and confusion. I was trying to figure out who I was. I built this act around the mannerisms of others.

I wish you knew there was always a way out. There’s no wall keeping you from happiness and acceptance of yourself.

Being you and not fearing it is what the world wants to see. It’s the easiest way to be. Is it not? The person you are when you’re alone, or with close family and friends? You already know those people love and accept you, so what makes you believe that the outside world won’t?

We’re all in this together. You’re not the only one trying to figure it out.

But here I am. Like a whole new person. And nothing is what I thought it would be. Your friendships, family, feelings, and appearance –way out of proportion. Nothing stays the same.

At 28 years old –soon to be 29. (Yikes) I am still learning…I’m still trying to figure it out, but I’m wise enough to know that life will never be fair, but it is good. You have to make it good. And you can start by shifting your thoughts. It’s that easy.

Once you begin to love and accept yourself, your relationships with others will improve tremendously –I know. 😊


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  1. Such a great message!! 🙂

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