My Fashion Favorite: Black Skinny Jeans

img_6319I probably own two pairs of blue jeans and the rest are black. Black skinny jeans/jeggings are my absolute favorite because they can be paired with anything, but they also give a cool and more edgy look. Personally, I like plain tees and oversized shirts. I really like them with my ankle boots or Converse. 🙂

Depending on the shoes you choose 😏, your outfit can look downtown ready, or Target ready for your laid back Sunday.😉

The cool thing about black skinny jeans/jeggings, is they’re easy to pair with shirts. Throw on a plain white tee, a jacket and some boots, and boom, you’re ready to head out.

Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV

Where to find them:
You can find them just about anywhere.
Gabes: This is my favorite store for everything – It’s affordable. You are sure to find them here. And a nice variety too.
Target: (Can you tell I love this place?)
They’ll definitely have them, but probably not as much of a variety.
Ebay: (Who doesn’t shop here?)
I found a pair of Calvin Klein jeans that have become my favorite jeans. I took a chance on the size and they ended up fitting perfectly. I now have four pairs of these exact jeans.

Calvin Klein Ultimate Power Stretch Skinny jeans – so comfortable! I paid $24.99. (I purchased them from here, but they only have a few select sizes available

Also something to try:

Anna 🙂

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