10 Facts about me

img_6217I’m the middle child of three girls. (Talk about some cat fights.)

I was diagnosed with Raynaud’s syndrome when I was 16. (My hands and feet are always cold. They change color in response to cold and stress.)

I eat peanut-butter toast with banana every morning. (You could say I’m obsessed.) 🍌

I can’t go a single day without shaving my legs. OCD.

Home Depot is where I got my first job. I was 18.

My parents divorced when I was 12. 👎🏻

I drove a 1987 Toyota Camry in high school – Hey, this thing was immaculate. 60K miles on a 1987? C’mon.

I went to three different middle schools and three different high schools. (Has its ups and downs.)

I cut Amy’s hair when we were kids. (I told her I would do a good job.) 😊

I ate spaghetti for dinner tonight. 🍝

Anna Banana

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